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Regulatory Advisory Services

let's maneuver the strategic boost in your growth story

We've got your back.

They say entrepreneurship is a lonely journey. We respectfully disagree.

Establishing a business in a new state or geography is a mammoth task. Success can be achieved, provided the large gap in understanding of regulatory policies, procedures & compliance are taken care of.

This is where we come in. OSS is the only organization in India equipped to provide a comprehensive strategy & robust guidance to cover all your direct and indirect requirements to launch business in a new geographical setup.



~ Research & Strategise

~ Supervise, Guide & Train

~ Transparent in Traceability

Introducing our law firm
Regulatory Advisory Services
Regulatory Advisory Services

Regulatory Advisory Services

Regulatory Advisory Services

Our Services

We cut the clutter for you on your growth path with the following


strategy on regulatory compliance

Regulatory requirements keep changing. We facilitate unlocking value through effective regulatory compliance. Proactive compliance management can provide strategic edge in this dynamic landscape.


non-market strategy development

When business & community interact, growth becomes meaningful. We facilitate management with local community, media, NGOs, Government and other interest groups.


other ensemble

support services

Unique ensemble consultancy packages for fast growth companies. We offer tailor-made solutions for new units, training on regulatory requirements and other customised support.

Regulatory Advisory Services

Integrity. Knowledge Sharing.
Collaboration. Commitment.
Experience Driven Excellence.

Our Values

Team Structure



Leaders of our think tank, this cohort of our team focuses on the task of integrating different sectoral interests.


subject matter experts

When it comes to sector specific action orientation, this cohort of our team is the most sought after panel of experts in India.


policy architects

Policy is the backbone of government directed guidelines of the eco-system in India. This cohort connects these dots.

Truth - more precisely, an accurate understanding of reality - is the essential foundation for producing good outcomes.

Ray Dalio

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Regulatory Advisory Services
Regulatory Advisory Services

Passion led us here.

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