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Why choose us as a partner in your growth journey?

We Deliver. Period.

OSS has the required expertise to provide tailor-made solutions to your needs, depending on the specific sector and the nature of your business.

Our experienced sectoral team broadly covers planning,
supervision and follow-ups. Besides, we also provide overnight assistance on complex engagements during project set-up as well as during acquisitions, mergers and demergers.

Process Oriented Tailor-made Frameworks

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We do not leave anything to chance. Shaped by over a century of experience in policy framing and delivering value, our team members work with processes at the core. These processes have been formulated with experience and success over decades of time-tested trial by fire.


Our Approach, Your Compass


research & strategize

OSS has policy level expertise and regulatory know how when it comes to setting up medium and large enterprises. We are fully conversant with the requirements and approvals required in connection with different areas that th business would be impacting – environment, power, land, and many such more.

Through our knowledge and experience, we provide the right strategy to corporations that will work as a connecting bridge to match the rules and expectations set by the government.


supervise, guide & train

Leveraging upon OSS’s rich experience and strong network, our team of experts will guide you through the project implementation process. The team having spent several years in the field of state administration, industrial development and  project supervision, has developed an expertise in analyzing the project requirement and nuances. 

We help corporations navigate through the system by providing guidance to follow the right procedures with appropriate authorities. 


transparent in traceability

OSS has  dedicated teams working on doing active follow-ups on all the applications and processes.  Our teams have a strong reputation earned through a solid field experience, high ethical standard, and commitment to provide value to clients.  

 OSS backs up a project only after carrying out thorough research which helps in timely and effective outcomes.

we understand...

Setting up a business in a new geography requires a great deal of research and indepth knowledge of local regulations and procedures. Often, despite a solid business plan, due to lack of clarity about regulatory and procedural formalities, corporate struggle with time delays and face challenges in securing the necessary approvals and compliance.

...and we ensure

The right action plan and strategy built on details and nuances 
customized to the location specific industrial ecosystem. With over 600 years of combined experience in the working with diverse stakeholders (especially in the government and corporate systems), we provide you with tailor-made guidance that will minimize errors during planning and documentation – thereby expediting the process.

 Your Mile Stone, Our Tailor-made Service 


existing venture

An established business expanding its reach in a new geography primarily requires strategic inputs. OSS can guide you in every related aspect, right from selection of land, power and other utilities, clearances, labour laws, etc.



A new venture encounters several seen and unseen challenges. OSS has an in-depth understanding of the local business environment and ecosystem – that helps new ventures successfully establish, thereby saving time and resources.


business restructuring

Restructuring becomes a necessity, especially in the case of expansion of businesses, mergers, demergers and acquisition. Here, various statutory aspects have to be dealt with carefully based on sound knowledge and information.


regulatory support

OSS assists you in identification of what all subsidies, incentives, exemptions, etc. are applicable and can be extended as per the nature of your business. We give you the customized strategy as per your requirements and help you secure the applicable benefits in a much efficient manner.


non-market environment

Every company needs to be careful towards the subtle dynamics of the non-market environment too. Some of this includes state and local governing bodies, local community and civil society organizations. OSS can prepare a comprehensive non-market strategy that retains focus on the core business.

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